26 yellow Vest protesters detained in western France

26 yellow Vest protesters detained in western France
Visuals from the protest on Saturday in western France. Photo/ANI

Moscow [Russia], Sep 14 (Sputnik/ANI): At least 26 people have been detained as a result of the yellow vest protests in the city of Nantes in western France on Saturday, local police said.
"Twenty-six people have been detained since the morning," the police of the Loire-Atlantique department, where Nantes is located, tweeted.
According to local media, about 1,800 rioters marched in the center of the city.
During the rally, protesters were breaking windows and confronting the police officers.
The wave of the yellow vest rallies started in France in mid-November over planned hikes in fuel taxes.
While the French government abandoned its plans to raise fuel taxes and introduced other measures to improve the country socioeconomic situation, protesters continue to take to the streets across France every weekend for demonstrations to express their discontent with government's policies. (Sputnik/ANI)