After #Boycottzomato why social media trends #BoycottUberEats? Find out Now

After #Boycottzomato why social media trends #BoycottUberEats? Find out Now

Yesterday Zomato gives epic reply to the user ho refused to take the order because the delivery boy was Non-Hindu. It creates a buzz in netizens and also many users support Zomato and many trends Boycott Zomato.

UberEats also supported Zomato by Tweeting-


Same as Zomato, UberEats to have drawn some angry reactions on Twitter for supporting Zomato where users are wanting to boycott UberEats app. While we saw massive support for Zomato on refusing a ridiculous demand, there were some users that asked to boycott Zomato after the stated incident, and now demand to '#BoycottUberEats' is gaining a voice after it's support for Zomato.

The hashtags #BoycottUberEats and #BoycottZomato are leading Twitter's trending chart in India.

Here are some replies from netizens-