Intertek launches total sustainability assurance for various industries

Intertek launches total sustainability assurance for various industries
The company provides a depth and breadth of systemic operational sustainability solutions across all sectors

New Delhi [India], Jan 14 (ANI): Total quality assurance provider Intertek Group plc on Tuesday announced the launch of its innovative programme in India, providing companies with an independent assurance solution and enabling them to demonstrate their end-to-end commitment to sustainability.
The company said India present enormous opportunities for continued rapid economic growth.
At the same time, the expectations of all stakeholders -- consumers, employees, suppliers, regulators, communities, students, government and shareholders -- have continued to rise with the effects of climate change becoming more apparent and requiring companies to balance rapid growth with a sustainable, socially responsible approach.
Intertek said its total sustainability assurance heralds a truly exciting breakthrough innovation for businesses and broader stakeholders across the Indian corporate landscape, representing a pioneering initiative that provides independent and systemic sustainability programme from both an operational and corporate perspective.
The solutions address important operational areas of every company, covering environment, products, processes, facilities, assets and systems.
"Today marks a truly exciting moment for Intertek in India as we build on our incredible growth journey together at a time when stakeholders are seeking genuine reassurance that corporations are taking an end-to-end sustainability approach across their entire value chain," said Chief Executive Officer Andre Lacroix.
"Sustainability has to start at the heart of the company's operations where quality, safety and sustainability are seen as the foundations of driving sustainable growth. It has to take a holistic approach to cover all aspects of corporate activities," he said in a statement.
Sandeep Das, Regional Managing Director of Intertek South Asia, said: "For over 25 years, Intertek has been delivering innovative, end-to-end solutions to its clients across India, supporting them through their growth and becoming the market leader in assurance, testing, inspection and certification services.'
The company has been supporting clients across industries including textile and footwear, electrical and electronics, FMCG, oil and gas, chemicals, banking and IT. (ANI)