Rameswaram Sankaramadam making all efforts to promote 'Margazhi bhajans'

Rameswaram Sankaramadam making all efforts to promote 'Margazhi bhajans'
A pandit talking about the tradition of Margazhi Bhajans to ANI on Sunday. (Photo/ANI)

Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu) [India], Jan 12 (ANI): Rameswaram Sankaramadam is all in the form to promote the otherwise declining Margazhi bhajans.
This effort to bring back the tradition is welcomed warm-heartedly by all the musicians, who perform musical instruments and bhajans in 4 CarStreet.
The bhajans are traditionally practised to worship the Lord in the early morning of the Tamil month of Margazhi, fasting and singing Thirupavai Thiruvemba.
Speaking to ANI, a pandit said: "This bhajan has been performed since my grandparents days. I've been continuing with the tradition of the Bhajan Mandali."
He further said: "Every year during Dhanu month, we used to perform Bhajans. Earlier we used to do this two-three hour a day but now it shrunk to just one hour."
The fast-paced lifestyle has taken a toll on the old tradition.
Despite all this, the traditional bhajan is welcomed by the people of the Rameswaram Sankara monastery and sing traditional songs of the four chariots from 5 am to 6 pm. (ANI)